Installing 9.0 and 10 side by side

Okay, I feel dumb for asking this but it’s been quite some time since I did an upgrade and better stupid, er, safe than sorry.

My main environment has 9.0 installed. 10 just came out and like any new release I expect there to be a few growing pains. Can I install 10 and still run 9 to work on my existing projects while I determine if 10 is ready for prime time, or is it 10 only once installed?


Yes, no prblem having two ore more versions installed. I and many others run this way when a new version comes out.

Thanks, Nic.

I thought I remembered that being the case, but better to be sure!

This question has been asked and answreed many times, you can have 20 different cubase versions installed at the same time. Stop asking same question over and over again, use search function first!