Installing an earlier version of Nuendo

I work with Nuendo 5. Recently I discovered old (e.g. falcon) cubase songs (*.all) can only be imported succesfully in Nuendo 2 (by the way Nuendo 3 has this option too, but it doesn’t work). Can I install Nuendo 2 on a PC with Nuendo 5 already installed? I want to avoid outdated ASIO/Plugin problems etc when I do this.

Shouldn’t cause any problems.
The only prob you can have is incompatibility with your current OS.


Thanks Fredo!

The only problem was an old Syncrosoft licence driver was installed. Because of that N5 did.t work.
After installing the latest eLicenser driver everything worked.

That’s worth knowing!!
I had no idea I could install older versions with newer ones already installed…

i’ve got n4 here (so i can use source-connect) as well as n3 (so i can import old cubase songs)

Can you explain a bit more?

currently source-connect (and source-live) won’t work in n5 mac. as soon as you try to login they crash.

we’ve also got lots of old cubase song files that won’t load directly into n5. i can open most in n3 although some of them (from the 90s) that require us to use n2.