Installing an old or new version of cubase

Hi everyone tomorrow I am getting a new laptop with windows 10 16gb ram i7 3ghz processor ssd with 500gb hard drive ( can’t remember off hand) the reason I am buying it is because my really old laptop gave up on cubase artist 12 halfway through a project, so would the above spec I mentioned above handle cubase 12 or should I try cubase artist 8? I have a licence for cubase artist 12 only

You can compare it to the system requirements near the bottom of this page

Seen as you have a licence try it out.

It will definitely meet the system requirements, I am looking to record 2-4 guitar tracks with drums and bass and that’s it

If all else fails lol


As you updated to Cubase Artist 12 (I expect), you have Cubase Artist 11 license in the USB-eLicenser. So you can install any Cubase Artist 12- version and try it on the given machine.

I will try it if I get any issues, I downloaded the trial then bought artist, hopefully 12 will run fine