Some time ago, I bought a MOTU 24i for an AWSOME price, to hook up all of my Digital Hardware Synth’s.I also own a M-Audio Revolution 7.1 Surround Output Card. I want to be able use “BOTH” Audio Interfaces, 24i for Inputs and Revolution 7.1 for Surround Output. What I am looking for is a “Multi Device Driver” for Win 7 64 bit, to allow me to permanenty Install and use BOTH Interfaces for Inputs and Outputs. I have been told this task may be a bit easier with Mac OS, but as I stated above, I need a “Multi Device Driver” for Windows 7 64 bit. I HOPE someone out there has accomplished this, and can point me in the direction of what I need. I am SURE that I am NOT the first or LAST person wishing to do this! I would HOPE that some one who CAN, would create a Youtube Video show how the “Multi-Audio Interface” trick is accomplished. I look forward to ANY insights, and THANX to all in advance.


Thank You for your response! But!!! I hope you can confirm some details for me. Not that long ago (late last year)

I read that ASIO4ALL was great for some things, but had some limitations. I don’t have info document in front of me, but I heard things like A4A could not support sample rates above 44.1 KHz or bit depth above 16 bit. I know A4A is in a constant state of improvement. Can you verify for me:

  1. Multiple “simultaneous” Audio Interfaces are supported? (I only need two: M-Audio Rev 7.1 and Motu 24i)

  2. Sample rates above 44.1 KHz is supported. ( I need 48 KHz)

  3. Bit depth of 24 Bit is supported.

Lastly, since it seems you are knowledgeable about A4A, can you suggest the most current “STABLE” revision of A4A to use for Cubase 64 bit (Win 7 64 bit) ?

Once again thanx MUCH for your reply!!!

You could always look for yourself.

But the answer to all your questions is yes and you should use the latest version.

Anyway as it’s free, just download it and try it, then tell us how it went.

i am told Cakewalk can do it yrs ago, Cubase should implement this in the near future , some say its gt 2 do with windows, but if Cakewalk could , sure Cubase can give an update , use 2 cards simultaneously , one to record in , the othere for play back , would be less taxing on either cards , as they would b doing only one thing @ a time . n could make audio processing easier n faster may be? sm

AFAIK this has nothing to do with Cubase, or any other DAW. it has to do with the audio interface driver. If the soundcard driver does not work with other brand soundcards, then it’s tough luck, unless you use a 3rd party driver like ASIO4ALL. It is a different situation on OSX, where you can set aggregate devices. However, you then have to deal with the rest of what OSX brings, so there is no perfect solution.

FWIW if you use RME devices, you can run up to 3 off the same driver.


FWIW if you use RME devices, you can run up to 3 off the same driver.

in windows … Interesting …

well The main Point is where does the actual processing happen , The converters on the sound cards / external Usb / FW sound cards , of course convert the A/D , so the PC processor is only involved in the processing in the routing n the effx processing ? would be cool 2 have to support 2 different manufactuers sound cards , one 4 play back , one to record in … easy on the CPU , both existing 2gether in harmony , with out switching drivers. well just a thought , would like some technical opinions though …n yes would like 2 see it happen on win 8 … x64… . sm

Thankx 4 the link very informative , was reading that win 8 is more audio oriented , but they speak more towards cakewalk people , sad …

hope Cubase rises 2 the challenge , well thnx anyway… sm