Installing both 32 bit and 64 bit versions

Hi there,

Would like to find out if I can install both the 64 bit and 32 bit versions of Cubase 7 on a single machine. How do I go about it? Do I need to put it in a separate path?

Thanks in advance.

G. :sunglasses:

I believe it is possible but I have taken a half-way solution and made the OS 64 bit (sound card/DSP drivers are all 64 bits) with the application, i.e. Cubase at 32bits (plugins all 32 bits).

I don’t care for 64 bit throughout if I don’t have to hence the “solution” I have chosen, which should allow me to work for many months, if not years since it was probably when SX1 was invented that memory requirements for the application were initially increased.

If all plugins were 64 bit, then I would simply uninstall the 32 bit version.

Logically (or rationally) speaking, you don’t need both versions and should only consider it when trying/experimenting with a never version of the program itself, e.g. Cubase 6 vs Cubase 7.

Yes you can, no special considerations for the install, they will install to the correct places by default.

Obviously when considering what plugins you want each app to see is important and can be setup from within Cubase.

I ran C6 this way for a while, but after rewire became available for x64, I found I never ran the 32bit version. Using JBridge here.