Installing both Cubase 9.5 and 8.5

Hi, I needed to reformat my system drive and as a result doing a fresh install of Cubase.

In the past for Cubase I have essentially done upgrade installers on upgrades but now i would like to start with a fresh complete v9.5 install.
(though that might even require upgrading from v9.0)

However I also want to keep v8.5 as I have a number of projects to finish still using 32 bit plugins (e.g. Steinberg Legacy).
Eventually I will convert these to audio and create fresh mix-master projects in 9.5.

But I want to avoid installing v8.5 then doing incremental upgrades of this to v9.5, so I guess my question is can I also v9.5 as my main version but then afterwards install v8.5?
Or will I have to install v8.5 first?

Just like all the others asking this question again and again, you too can install each single version in any order you want… Given you’re using the full installers.