Installing C10 and keeping C9.5?

Hey all, this might be a stupid question: If I install C10 on its own, will I still have total use of C9.5 completely as it always was? I want to make sure I can, just in case for whatever reason. I’m on Mac.

@In_Stereo I’ve just install C10 and all my C9 Presets (Key Commands, Preferences, etc) were deleted.
So, before anything, make sure you have a backup.

BTW, this 2 versions can coexist

Ah wow, that seems to be a common experience with new Cubase versions. Thanks for that – will make sure they’re backed up.

No problems here. I installed Cubase 10 pro and 9.5 pro is fine. I also have 6.5.5 on the same machine.

They coexist like the previous versions did.
It will not overwrite your old version, they are completely separate, but share the media files.
Unless you do something stupid, like installing it in the same directory or Hard linking directory’s that shouldn’t be.
And no this is not a common experience, it’s the first time I have heard anyone having that problem.

Yeah, the two will co-exist just fine.

By default, C10 will install to its own directory “Cubase 10” or whatever.

If you change that default and have it install to a directory called “Cubase” - and that directory already has your Pro9.5 or whatever, you may well run into difficulties. (Ideally, Cubase 9.5 will be in its own default directory “Cubase 9” or something.)


Excellent, thanks all.