Installing C5 and C6 upgrades on new Windows 7 system.

I recently purchased a Windows 7 based PC. I was upgrading from an XP system. Since I have relied heavily on Halion One, I wanted to be sure that it is present in C6. After much trial and tribulation I finally got it to work.

1 - If you install C5 and try to activate it, it will not recognize the C6 version of the license. The solution is to install C5, then the 5.5 uptdate then the 5.0.3 update. Don’t try to activate the installation.

2 - Install C6. Activate 6 with the license that you have used on previous machine. This will activate C5 at the same time. Now both versions are activated.

C5 of course will have all the instruments installed, as long as you have installed the extra VST Instruments disc that came with the upgrade. The next step is to follow the instructions that are posted on the knowlege page to get Halion One in C6 to find the collection in its browser. Success.

The only reason I am posting this, is because it took me a couple of days and a lot of searching and trial and error to finally get it right. I personally feel that the decision to omit Halion One from C6 was a mistake. Although SE is a more powerful plugin, it also hogs much more CPU, if you want to use it for a single instance instrument. Steinberg promotes you to use instrument channels then punishes you for doing so. So beware. If you decide to invest in the heavy use of SE, odds are, in a couple of Cubase versions down the road it will be gone. Steinberg don’t seem to give a whatever. Their excuse is that, it is only applicable to people who have been using a previous version. But, if like me, you move to another system, it makes the installation far more complex than it needs to be. Apparently it’s my way or the highway. Is Steve Jobs running Steinberg now?

I don’t understand.
Halion ONE is available for use in C6 if one wants to use it. Steinberg explains perfectly how to do it in the knowledge base and there are several forum threads about it. Are you angry at Steinberg because it took you several days to look at the knowledge base or search the forum?

The info in the knowledge base is for C5 users who want to use Halion One in C6. And this works fine, as long as you have C5 installed on your machine. However, when I tried to install C6 without C5 being there, it would only play the files, you could not access any presets via Halion One. Not only that, but there was content missing. My guess is that, that was on the bonus disc provided with C5. On the machine I was using, like you, I already had 5.5.3 installed, so there was no issue. With this in mind, when I installed Cubase on my new hardware, I was totally blind sided, when I installed C6 on it’s own, without installing C5 first, to find out that it was hoop time.

And by the way. It’s nice to know that Dr. Phil is on Steinberg forums.