Installing C6 64bit together with C6 32bit?


because mainly of the UAD Plugins I am running 32bit versions of Cubase and Nuendo on Win7/64 bit.

Is it possible to install an additional 64bit Version of Cubase on that system?

If yes:

What about Plugins? Usually they all have two installers, will I install the 64bit versions again (to a different VST plugin folder?) - will that work - side by side? For example, mixing in 32bit (till UAD is 64bit) and VSTi programming with sample libraries in the 64bit version…

What about 32bit plugins which will be used via bridge in both versions of Cubase? Is this possible?



I know it works with Cubase 5 so I am pretty sure it will also work with Cubase 6

Let me explain how I did the VST’s
First of all you will have Plugins that are available as both 32 & 64 bit versions
The trick is to install all 64 bit of these Plugins but also the 32 bit plugins into 2 different directory’s
(For Example “VSTPlugins (x64)” and “VSTPlugins (X86)” just to keep the 2 separated from each other)
this will provide you with the 32 bit plugins versions to use within your 32bit version of Cubase and 64 bit for in the 64 bit version of Cubase
The next thing I did was making a other VST Dir so I could install the 32 bit Plugins that do not have 64 bit versions available and set up this directory in both (For me that dir is named “VSTPlugins (Shared)”)
this way you have access to all your plugins in both versions of cubase
if there are plugins that do not work with the 64 bit version install those to the 32bit VST dir only
this way you will have access to these in the 32bit version but they will not appear in the 64 bit version

Thanks, that sounds great! Well, so this should be no risk to try out - ghosting the system drive before - but no need for a dual boot. Cool!!


Currently I can Confirm this
Both the 32bit & 64bit version are installed here and both work just fine :wink: