Installing C6 over C5.5 - 2 issues

Recently upgraded to C6 and installed, and since I have a new PC system with win7 and 64bit I chose that option.

Issue 1:
During installation of Halion Sonic I had an error (image attached) and after a few tries had to cancel that to complete installation. Needless to say, Sonic is not working correctly now.

Issue 2:
When I start C6 now it is missing a lot of plugins and VSTi that I had installed that worked fine in C5.5. Could it be that I had C5.5 installed as 32bit and this created the issue (C5 came pre-installed on machine by re-seller that set it up for me)?
How do I find out if previous install is 32b it or 64bit?

But the main thing is really to enable all instriuments and plugs in C6, do I really need to re-install? I would assume I could locate andpoint in right direction?

Thank you kindly.

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
Intel i7970 3.2GHz
12GB DD3 1333MHz
1x500MB + 3x 1.5TB 7200rpm 32MB cache
NVIDIA GeFroce 8400 GS
Steinberg MR816 X

Regarding the plug-ins and VSTi:s, you need to go to “Devices->Plug-in information->VST 2.x Plug-in paths” in C5, go through these in explorer to see witch one(s) contains your old plugins, add copy that path to corresponding menu in C6.

If your old system was 32 bit then your C5 probably is 32 bit too, check under “Help->About Cubase”. 32 bit programs are installed by default to a separate Program Files(x86) folder in W7 x64. I don’t know if the Program Files folder is automatically renamed when installing a 64 bit OS over a 32 bit, but I assume that’s what happens.


Many thanks for feedback, I cleared the installation 32/64 bit and solved most plugs from C5 to C6. Always learning…

Only thing I found strange was the REVerence Reverb, which I believe comes with C5/6 itself. For old songs it can’t load REVerence properly on start-up and obviously then can’t located the various reverbs in C6 itself.

The default path given in C5 is the Cubase5\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies, where there are 50+ items of effects.
When checking in C6 equivalent folder, which seems to be Cubase6\VST XMLs\Steinberg Media Technologies I see seven items… Are the others somewhere else in C6? A search gives no reference to REVerence :wink: anywhere in C6 folder.

Many thanks for any advice.

[EDIT] Just read this: Steinberg Cubase Artist 6 review | Expert Reviews where they say: " It’s frustrating that most of Cubase 6’s best effects plug-ins, such as the REVerence reverb effect, are absent, …"

EH? All FX from C5 do not exist in C6? Can that really be? :astonished: Seems odd. Can they be imported/rerouted into C6 if this is true?

It’s a review of the Artist version of C6 so no need to worry about that.

The path for the Reverence files in C6 is c:\users*user*\appdata\roaming\steinberg\content\VST Sound, you should find some “…Reverence_ImpulseLibrary_xx.vstsound”-files in there.

The actual presets (188 are found here in Mediabay) I would think are baked into either these or some other .vstsound-file based on the path shown in Mbay.