Installing C6 over C5 Questions/Media bay prblm

Hi I’ll shortly be installing installing C6 and would like to keep C5 installed as well and am wondering how the installer will interact with already installed C5 as far as preferences, media bay, etc.

I’ve only recently switched to Cubase 5 on Mac (from Nuendo 3 PC/Bootcamp) and have been using it for about a month doing a few projects while learning new features. I have had a few problems such as getting the dreadful spinning beach ball (system hang) when dealing with loading and auditioning track presets/vstis from media bay. Otherwise all seems well.

I’ve not yet got to the bottom of this problem and do not know if the cause is due to the way C5 is setup or due to my system setup.

First, I would like to make a clean install of Cubase 6 and not install preferences, media bay info, and anything else from previous C5 install. This will help me in diagnosing my system hang problem by telling me if it is more a cubase problem (everything works, problem gone, I’m happy) or if the problem is more to do with my system or media bay structure (problem persists in C6 even with clean install).

I’m assuming I’ll need to remove preferences from the preference folder as described in knowledge base article before installing C6, is there anything else to do to make a clean install of C6?

After installation will there be separate settings and storage area for C6 and C5?

Can they share preferences if I later decide I want them to, or can I deinstall C6 and reinstall C6 with preference folder reinstalled in C5 to import them into C6 upon installation?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help or comment constructively on my situation.