Installing C7 on 2 pc


this is probally a silly question, but im kind of lost here :confused:

I bought the download upgrade from C6.5 to C7 when it was released. I now bougt a portable pc and wanna install C7 on that to. Where can i find the installer for C7 to install? C7 download page :confused:


I think i found it. Srry, but i tried for half an hour an couldnt really find it. Thank you

You want the full installer.

Ok so i found and installed the C7 core installer and also added the C7.02 update and everything is working fine, yay :smiley:

But im missing the Halion sonic se vst plugin. I assumed it was installed together with the C7 installer but guess i was wrong.

In the download section i only see Halion sonic. Can any1 tell me, where to find the Halion se version?

I dont know if im blind or just plain stupid haha, but i cant see the full installer anywhere? Only the core-installer and 7.02 update. Can i get a direct link or something?

Was there 2 days ago, seems to be gone now. :confused:

No worries i installed C6 full, and everything is working fine in C7 now. Thx for taking ur time to help me out, i appreciate it.

Yeah, sorry. I thought they still had it up, too. Glad you got it all working.