Installing C8.5 for projects with 32bit vst if C10.5 is already installed


I need to open old projects made with Cubase 6.5. I upgraded from Mavericks to Mojave and Cubase 10.5.5
Cubade 6.5 now crashes on load. Impossible to launch it. And I tried C10.5 with Jbridge which is a big mess.

I just downloaded Cubase 8.5 to open those projects containing 32bit plugins.
If I install C8.5 will it replace the C10.5 ressources (libraries, presets, config, vst) ?

I want to be sure about what I’m doing, the retrocompatibility is already full of issues. I don’t want to break my C10.5 clean setup. But want to be able to use C8.5 as a fallback.

Thanks a lot for your help

No, you should be just fine. Major versions are entirely separate installations.

But you should run one of your regularly scheduled system backups before :wink:

Projects that are made with older 32bit plugins or like you say 8.5 cubase…
You do not need 8.5 project or cubase 8.5 if you have JBRIDGE.
JBRIDJE runs 32bit plugins in a 64 bit plugin host.
Then you only need C10.5 to open the project you have made with 8.5…

Except for this from the OP

And I tried C10.5 with Jbridge which is a big mess.

Jbridge works fine for me in C10.5.
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Alright guys, I forced cubase 6.5 to open in 32bit with the app “Application wizard” (it has an option to open apps in 32-bit mode).
And it’s working!
So, no need for me to download 8.5 (64bit with cubase internal bridge) or C10.5 with Jbridge. I had issue with the last one, some plugin did not have the GUI, pots not updated, presets not listed etc)

The “open in 32-bit mode” with cmd+i on the app does not exist anymore in Mojave.

Do you know how to force 32bit mode for an app without 3rd party app like “application wizard” with OSX Mojave?