Installing CB6 queries

CB6 should arrive Monday and I’m wondering what’s the best way to consider installing options.

I would like to install version 6 while keeping version 552 and then if happy all is Ok then un-install 552 at a later date.

I’m wondering how others have done this. If both versions (32bit install by the way in W7 64bit) run fine will un-installing 552 create any issues in 6.

I guess you know where I’m coming from now.

Clearly I’m not too keen to totally un-install version 552 BEFORE installing version 6, just in case there are any issue with 6.

Any suggestions to those that have already updated from 552 to 6, and have there been any issues doing so?


I always do a completely fresh install of any new major version of cubase, I really have wasted so much time in the past doing a side by side install.

Most of the posts I have read here, including replies from moderators, indicate that you should have very few problems installing v6 alongside an existing v5.x version.

If I wanted to be able to revert back to a previous version then i would simply do a backup (disk image) of my OS / App partition, then do a clean install of v6. In that way you can always restore back your system exactly as it was before.

IIRC most people that have had problems with ‘side by side’ installations have had mainly problems with C6 picking up the prefs from previous versions… the way i avoided that was to just cut and paste the prefs folders to my desktop, do the install and set up the prefs for C6 and then cut and paste the other pref folders back to where they came from, also make sure you keep all your plugins in the one location if possible… i use the default steibnerg/vstplugins rather than the Steinberg/cubase*/vstplugins, so it’s just one common folder for all of them!
Works a treat… i’ve had none of the problems some other people have reported.

Thanks for your comments much appreciated. I think I’ll cut and paste the preferences route. I think most of my plugins are in the steinberg dir.

From studying this in some detail it appears that if the halion One installation is removed from 5 and projects using this are opened in 6 there are problems… so best to keep H1 installed for awhile until such tracks are saved again in SE format.

See how it goes. Either way I’ve got both CB versions and 5 updates stored so can re-install from scratch either way.