"installing content

I Know I’m missing something here, but recently I’ve purchased several Steinberg products for VST instruments. I’ve bought loops (Platinum Guitars), a set of samples for Padshop and a set of presets for Retrologue. After downloading, opening the .dmg and doing the install process (I was notified that the install was successful) it was the last I’ve seen of any of it. I’m not locating any folder in any library/audio, and when opening Padshop I’m told to the patch can’t be found and to “install content” I’ve not been able to locate instructions on how to do that. I wasn’t abel to find a list of what specific items were in the packages so I wouldn’t know (in Retro, for instance) if they were there or not!
Any help with any of this…i’m sure its simple…


Mac dual core / OS 10.6.8 / Cubase 7.0.4 / Motu 2408

The issue may be that Cubase 7 and those content sets are not supported for 10.6. I would suggest upgrading your OS to 10.7 or 10.8.

…makes sense I suppose…gotta keep moving. Are there other Cubase features that will change or improve with an upgrade. I noticed, for instance, that with the recent update, that dragging on the ruler to expand and contract the project or edit window is very sluggish…

Thanks PC