Installing Cubase 10 after trial

Hi - I did the 1 month trial of Cubase 10. It trial expired and then I decided to buy the product. After the trial period finished I didn’t see anywhere where I could purchase and register a copy (without downloading it again). So, I purchased it and downloaded it. Now when I try to open Cubase 10 it simply says that my trial period has ended, not recognising that I’ve purchased it and want to register it. I want to start using the Cubase 10 I purchased but can’t get past this step.
Can you help?
Thank you.

And once again the important question: Which version are you talking about? “Cubase 10” is not an officially available Cubase Version.

Hi there

What he means is, did you trial Cubase 10 Pro, Artist, or Elements? If it was Pro or Artist then you’d need a USB dongle to put the license on. That you would have to purchase in addition to the download, not expensive but…

Best Regards, Dave

Best Regards, Dave

Thanks. I mean Cubase 10 Pro. I have a USB dongle which I’ve been running Cubase 9 Pro on - this is an upgrade.
Any other advise you can give me would be helpful. Thanks.

Just to be clear, you open eLicenser Control Center (separate program, not a inside of Cubase) to try and add the license to the dongle, and this is not working?

Enter your update license download code in the elicenser control software, so your new license is being downloaded.
Btw. If you had Cubase Pro 9 and bought an „upgrade“ of any kind to Pro 10, you probably bought the wrong package, since from Pro 9 to Pro 10, you can only buy „updates“