Installing Cubase 5

Hi everyone,

Just a general question: I have at the moment both SX3 and the C5 Trial version on my PC. Do I need to uninstall anything before I install C5. I got my disks the other day and am looking forward to running C5.

I was especially happy to receive the VST Sound Collection too - I wasn’t expecting that at all. Looks like a great addition for HalionOne.

So, should I just install the full Cubase 5, and leave the Trial alone? I guess when the trial time-limit expires then it’ll just be a pile of junk on my HD; but I don’t want to uninstall that later if it affects my new C5 Full version.

Any tips appreciated.



Hi there

I was on SX2 for a long time but decided to make the jump myself and got it before a demo was even an inkling.

Remember if you have projects in SX2 or any version below 5 for that matter, once you save in a higher version they are not backwards-compatible unless you export midi/audio and import into the lower version.

Presets are not backwards compatible.


Hi Bentley,

Thanks for your post, but it didn’t answer my question in any way. I don’t have SX2 - I have SX3 currently, and in any case SX3 can be run alongside C5 so there is backwards compatibility with older versions.

What I wanted to know was, should I uninstall the C5 Trial first before installing the full C5, keeping a clean installation on my PC?


Sorry my bad.

If you choose to upgrade to the full cubase from trial all that will happen is the USB elicenser will be upgraded in terms of the license.

The program is the same, so you have 30 days to try out cubase and upgrade your projects (make copies effectively) and then purchase the full license online.

As I say I just went and bought it from a music store even before there ever was a trial version.

I believe the process is somewhat different for education versions.

Hope that helps

Yep - cheers! :slight_smile:
However, I did notice some things were not working in the Trial, such as the Control Room, so I think I’ll uninstall the Trial first, then load the full-version.

Bit disappointed to see that the disks came with v5.0.1, and not the latest version - strange, as 5.5.x has been out some time now. :confused:



I would have thought that the new install would just overwrite the old install…

But it looks like you answered your own question anyway :laughing:

No problem.

Like most software there is only an initial run of disks with updates only available online.

Maybe not the best approach but at least you can “try before buy” as the saying goes.


Just doing a major disk “tidy-up”…with System Mechanic (awesome software).
De-frag with that and Defraggler - then off I go with a full C5 install. :smiley: