Installing Cubase 6.5 and updating to 8 on Yosemite

Hello kind strangers,

Just trying to get a step by step for this process.

I have a Cubase 6 installation disc, will need to update to 6.5, and I have purchased the update to 8 - all on a new Mac running Yosemite.

I have seen the installer tool, but others have mentioned having to download the installation, rather than using the core.

Any thoughts or recs on this 3+ step process?

Many thanks!

Go to your MySteinberg/Downloads and download the full Cubase 8 installer (a 9 GB .iso file) - if you haven’t got it already. No need to install previous versions then.


Will I still need the tool or is it legit now?

Don’t know what you mean with ‘installer tool’ or ‘the core’ but you just have to make sure to download the latest eLicenser software and get your USB-key recognized. You valid license should be on it, or if you haven’t activated your C8 license you should do that first. Then install any version of Cubase you want; 8 or previous, or both/all.