Installing Cubase 6, removed Cubase 4 licence

When I upgraded to Cubase 5 from 4, I had to create a new partition because the new synchrosoft update that came with Cubase 5 corrupted the original partition.(Many emails back and forwards with steinberg, could not be resolved)
SoI kept Cubase 4 on the original partition, and insalled Cubase 5 on the new partition, which means I had to load all my VST instruments on to the new partition. A pain, but I could live with it.

All the licences are on one key, for both partitions, but all worked fine.

Just Installed Cubase 6 on the newer partition with Cubase 5 all working fine, except neither C5 or C6 will load many of my Cubase 4 and earlier projects. No problem I thought, I still have Cubase 4 on the original partition.

I restarted my PC, tried to open Cubase 4, and it now tells me “No Licence” .
So installing C6 has removed my Cubase 4 licence. What a mess.

How do I get my Cubase 4 licence back?


Your Cubase 6 license allows you to use all previous versions of Cubase.
If Cubase 4 tells you it can find no license, it will probably mean that you’re computer doesn’t recognise your dongle.
In that case, installing the most recent version of the eLCC probably would help.