Installing Cubase 6 Upgrade

Just a quick question…I have cubase 5 installed. When I install cubase 6 upgrade, will it over wright cubase 5 ?

I read somewhere on here that it does…but if I were you I would just remove 5 then install 6…you could also trash the preferences if you wanted to aswell.


If you really did, you should not bellieve anything you read somewhere here


Cubase 6 will install in a separate folder on your harddrive.



not trying to sound sarcastic here i have read alot of your posts and respect your knowledge why not please tell?
i beleive i have answerd his question correctly.


Only the licence on the dongle will be overwritten by the new licence. Programs are all independent.

Sorry, was not directed against you personally… And what I really wanted to say is, you should not believe everything you read here…

Yeh very true :wink: