Installing Cubase 7.5 64bit on my new PC. Is there a free version for my old PC?

Hi folks

I was going to buy Cubase 11 but I’m put off by the numerous bugs which appear to affect their software so I’m just going to install my boxed version of Cubase 7.5 64bit on my new machine.

The issue which concerns me is that if I register the dongle and Cubase 7.5 on my NEW PC I presume I won’t be able to open the original installion on my old Windows 7 PC.

I’d like to be able to still listen to files on my old PC before bouncing and transferring them to the new install. Is there a free limited version of Cubase I can download so I can still modify my old files (ie bounce to audio and remove VST channels) in prep for moving them to the new PC?

Would appreciate your advice and thoughts!



Cubase runs on whichever machine the USB elicenser is plugged into. No action beyond installing Cubase is needed.