Installing Cubase 7 in alternative directory

There seems to be no option during the installation from the program disc to install Cubase 7 to an alternate directory. It looks like it must be installed on the OS © drive of my Windows machine. Is this true? Can I move it after the fact from the C drive to another partition on that same drive? I had created several partitions on the 256GB solid state primary © drive to dedicate to Cubase for my DAW, one for the program, one for VST, one for recordings, one for sampled sounds/instruments, etc., but I especially don’t want the Cubase program itself to have to compete with the operating system and all its applications for CPU resources. I don’t mind reinstalling if I can point it where I want it. Resources are not a problem on the machine itself - Windows 8, ASUS G75VW gamer machine, i7 quad core, 16GB ram, 750GB 7200rpm secondary hard drive, Steinberg UR22 audio interface, and so on. Thanks. Doug

You can move whole factory library of Cubase. But I’m not sure with tha application itself. In my experience on Mac, if you nove the Cubase application to different foldetr, it works. But, once you want to update to newer version, you have to move the Cubase application back to the default Applications folder. If you don’t do this, installer says: “There is no application, which could be updated”.