Installing Cubase 7 Trial with 6.5 already present

I have Cubase 6.5.4 installed on my system/dongle. I’m having some weird issues that I’ve not been able to resolve - issues that I’ve already described in other posts and that don’t happen in Reaper or Studio One, which is why I believe that they are problems that specifically Cubase has on my system.
So I was thinking of giving the Cubase 7 trial a go and see if it would fix those problems. I’ve downloaded the trial, but I wanted to make sure that installing it will not mess with my existing 6.5 installation and license.
I’ve noticed e.g. that the installer was going to upgrade certain plug-ins such as PadShop and others that come with the standard installation of CB 6.5, and I’m wondering what is going to happen if I allow for those updates but the trial expires.
Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Aloha K,
Great question!!

That IMHO is thinking ahead.

I look forward to reading any (particularly mod) responses.

That is indeed a good question, but maybe not in the right forum? Not sure if any moderators are active in this neck of the woods…

Hmm, you think all the active mods are in the Cubase 7 section? Maybe I should repost the question there then?

Certainly, and if it’s not mods, then very likely some other users who have experienced what happened.