Installing Cubase 8.0.x - what is optional?

Hi All,

I am in the process of installing Cubase 8.0.35 for pretty much the first time. I am wondering if some of you knowledgable people could help me understand what parts of the installer options can be omitted. I’d like to conserve sdd space, and not install anything I do not plan on using.

This is what I need:

  • Cubase app
  • All the effect plugins
  • The effect plugins presets
  • Groove Agent vst plugin

This is what I am not interested in:

  • Groove Agent sample content
  • Any sample content
  • Steinberg synths or virtual instruments (nothing against them, I just have too many already)
  • Any midi content

There are the options I am presented with upon installing (I searched the included PDFs, but could not find detailed information these):

  1. Cubase 8 64bit
    Obviously I know I need this!

  2. Retrologue 64bit
    VST Synth, do not need

  3. Padshop 64bit
    Synth, do not need

  4. Groove Agent SE Rock Pop Toolbox Drums ???
    I reckon this is sample content, can anyone confirm?

  5. Drum Loop Expansion 01 ???
    I reckon this is sample content, can anyone confirm?

  6. EDM Toolbox MIDI Loops
    Midi content, do not need

  7. MIDI Loop Library
    Midi content, do not need

  8. Upload Manager**???**
    What is this?

  9. Halion Sonic SE
    VST instrument, do not need

  10. Groove Agent SE
    I need this, all I want is the bare instrument

  11. Content**???**
    What is this and why is it 1GB+???

  12. Groove Agent SE Acoustic Agent**???**
    What is this? I’, guessing it’s some sort of adapted VST instrument?I am hoping someone can chime in and let me know about the aspects of the installation in question and verifiy what I’ve said about the above items.

    I apologize if this has been asked before, I tried searching and google but I could not come up with any good information. If I’ve missed the explanation in the manual, please forward me to that; I could not find it in the download installers.

    Thank you very much.




This is the component, which you use, if you want to upload the exported Mixdown to SoundCloud directly.

This is HALion Sonic SE content, isn’t it?


Thank you very much for your reply Martin!

This is the only one I am still confused about; the installer and pdfs offer no detail on what exact content it is.

If anyone can chime in about the content section I would be much obliged!

Just updated to 8.5; there still is no explanation what the various install options are.

What is the content install option exactly for?

Not sure what the confusion is…its surely exactly what it says on the tin.
You already specified you don’t want content so don’t install the option called content.

The confusion is based around the idea that is there is an optional installation component called “content,” yet there is no explanation on what “content” it is installing and whether or not it would be necessary to the user.

Now, it is quite possible that this explained somewhere that I have missed, which is why I came to the forum asking. The fact that no one who has viewed this thread is able to explain exactly what “content” is, specifically, makes me think that I did not miss it in the installation manual and that in fact it’s purpose is never explained to the user. But like I said, I could have missed it.

Personally I think that giving a user an optional install component and no explanation of it’s purpose is a glaring issue

I never said I did not want to install “content”; if that was the case I would simply not install it like you helpfully suggested. All I wanted was to know what “content” is exactly.

Thanks for your reply.