Installing Cubase AI after installing PRO

If I install Cubase AI 10 after installing Cubase PRO 10, are the vstsound files that get written over the same as the PRO content files?

Pro has more VST Sound but the content is grouped into packets like “basic”, “artist”, “pro”, etc. The installer should see which content is already installed and skip those. Even if it does reinstall the duplicate content it shouldn’t hurt and it CERTAINLY shouldn’t remove pro content that is not included in AI.

Thanks. I went ahead and installed AI, renaming my Content folder first, then comparing side-by-side the results. It turns out what you say is basically true - pro, artist, basic, etc… with AI installing a couple of unique small vstsound files as well. There was one file, however, that would have overwritten a 4.9 MB file as a 4.3 MB one. Odd. That was the only exception to the rule.