Installing Cubase and OS on SSD

My 500 gig projectdrive crashed but all data is retrieved, I ordered a new 250gig HDD plus a 60 gig SSD.
Plan was to work on the SSD and back up on the 250Gig HDD.
OS and Cubase would be on the existing 80 GIG HDD.

After reading on the internet I now want to do the OS and Cubase on the SSD, projects on the 250gig and other data on the 80 gig.

Today I clocked the boot up time on my current system W7 wich was 00:01:09.
According to the various internet postings this should be 40 procent faster on the SSD :slight_smile:
Also booting up Cubase, (which is a pain because I toggle a lot between different projects)
could be like 60 procent faster.

So I think I am going to completely reinstall Windows, Cubase and all the other software on the SSD.

Do I have to know things in advance, are there other users with this sort of set up with great results?
I am really curious, tomorrow I will take the leap, if there is something I should know please let me know!

Greetz Dylan.

Shouldn’t have to do much (if anything) in advance.

Since you’re fresh installing Windows 7, it’ll auto-detect the SSD at install and make the adjustments for you.