Installing Cubase Confusion

Can I install on other drives? Where, exactly does / is Cubase installing things?

AFAIK, no.

On a Windows based system, Cubase is always installed in C:\Program Files, and each Cubase version has its own installation folder, which allow us to have different versions on the same system. Beside this, the installation also creates dedicated folders in other places such as C:\program Data, C:\User\<user name>\AppData, etc. I’m not sure of the paths used on an MacOS system.

So, it’s better to let the installation do its job, without trying to interfer…


Are you on Windows or Mac, please?

On Windows only the C system drive is supported for the installation. If you would install it to other location, you might have an issue while installing an update.

At the other hand, the application itself is not so big. The libraries are large and you can install this to any location.

On Mac it will install to the Applications for but you can drag and drop to any folder later.

hi Martin, Many thanks for your reply and advice. Much appreciated and most helpful. I have another question: In my general confusion and attempts to save space on my main C system drive during Cubase installation I’ve ended up with Cubase files all over the place. Is there a way to identify which (application) files need to be left on C drive ~ and then I can delete / move the libraries etc to more convenient drive locations?
Thanks in advance for further advice!
Best regards!

p.s. Installing on windoze… :wink:


Use Steinberg Library Manager to move the libraries files. This is the easy and safe way. Keep other files at the place.