Installing Cubase content on separate disk

Hello people,

There is a question I have about the installation of a Cubase version.
I bought a computer with separate disks.
Disk C is for installing programs, D is for data, E is for Cubase projects and F is for soundlibraries.

When I install Cubase you see a dropdown menu where you can choose the destination for each install component.
What I like to know is, do I have to install the following to my librariesdisk?:
Drum Loop Expanion 01
EDM Toolbox MIDI Loops
Midi Loop Library
Groove Agent ONE Content
Loopmash Content
Reverence Content

Or are these elements excluded to install them to my librariesdisk?
Because if I just accept the location that Cubase suggests by default, it stores it here:
C:\Users\STUDIO\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound

I know that stand alone soundlibraries always have to be installed to the librariesdisk but I am not very sure if it also counts for a installation from a DAW?

I hope that someone can clear this up.

Thanks in advance for the effort.


It shouldn’t matter whether the content is from a standalone program or the DAW as long as the program sees the correct pathway.
When Cubase offers a choice for content destination during installation, it is creating a familiar pathway for that particular function.
Hope that helps.