Installing Cubase on a new PC and managing plugins and sound libraries

I bought new pc (WIN 11), and I have Cubase 10,5 artist. In my pc, I have 500 GB SSD, 2TB SSD and 1TB HDD. My idea was, to have windows on 500gb ssd, and my “music programs and sound libraries” on 2TB ssd, because of their size.
How do I set that up? Would I need to install cubase on 2TB disc and then everything else? What would be a correct way of doing that?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase supports to be installed at the system C drive only. But it’s good to install the libraries to other drive.

As a rule Cubase needs to be on the C drive but Projects and Steinberg content can go where you like , just use the library manager to point them where you want them to go

Hello Bencyl,

Obviously you will be using the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA).
For installing Cubase, it will work as expected.
For installing VST and sound libraries however, that SDA will use the Steinberg Library Manager running in the background. I recommend to make sure, prior downloading and installing VST and sound libraries, to setup the Steinberg Library manager (make sure to put the downloaded files in a folder on the drive of your choice)
Furthermore, it is possible, using the Steinberg Library Manager in a ‘manual’ way to register the VST’s in place, that is: not copying them to the typical C:\ drive location.