Installing Cubase on two new SSD's

Hi Guys,

I’ve got a new Studio PC arriving tomorrow and just wanted a bit of advice on how to best set it up for Cubase 8 Pro.

The old system was this

Intel i7 920
Flaming Blade GTi MB
8GB Ram
2 x Standard Hard Drives (one for Programs and one for documents and projects)
Cubase 8 Pro (I’ve been using Cubase since the SX days, had every update 5/6/6.5/7/7.5 etc)

The whole thing was always a bit shaky and never ran that well (not just cubase), so I’ve upgraded to a new Desktop PC.

New Specs:

Intel i7 4790 - (4 x 3.6 GHZ) - Haswell
16 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz (2x8GB) - (DDR3)
120mm be quiet! Silent Wings 2 - Ultra Low Noise - 15.7 dB(A)
250GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD SATA-III, Read 540MB/s, Write 520MB/s - Silent
500GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD SATA-III, Read 540MB/s, Write 520MB/s - Silent
Corsair 330R - Ultra Quiet (Sound Proofing Included)
Corsair RM 550W (Modular) PSU - Low Noise/Silent
Gigabyte Z97P-D3 (Intel Z97) - 2xUSB3/4xUSB2
1 x 1.8 Metre UK Mains Power Cable
Sound Proofing Service

So hopefully with the new RAM, processor and the 2 x SSD drives, things will be a bit better.

My QUESTION, is… Would you guys use the 250gb SSD as a O/s (windows 7) and Programs (Cubase, The grand, HAlion, BFD2 etc) drive and then use the other 500gb SSD for current projects and Samples?
Or would you install Cubase and all the music software/samples on a separate drive to Windows?

(I also will have a new external 2TB HD I’m going to use for archiving older projects)

Maybe it doesn’t matter on a SSD so much, but just wanted some options on how you would go ahead.

How would YOU install Cubase and all the assorted samples on this new system?



SSD 250 BOOT for Cubase and OS

Put you sample libraries on the second SSD (500GB) and record onto this drive also.

Another SSD would be ideal > as my setup below, but you can get away with it for now but while you at it get 3 SSD’s and HD drives for archiving and backups.

Keep all the SSD’s 50 % full and not more if you can. Go 1TB for the sample streaming one if you can afford it.

Use the SSD for recording and mixing only and then dump on HD when done with a spesific project. Keep the SSD’s as empty as possible.

You will be very happy with the change.

Hi mate,

Thanks a lot for your advice.
I think in the future I’ll probably get myself a third SSD dedicated just to samples , but for now I’ll load Windows, Cubase, Halion, Grand, BFD 2 etc all on the C SSD drive and load all my audio samples (BFD audio, Halion, Grand etc) on the D SSD drive. I’ll use the D drive for current projects and then archive to the external 2 TB HDD.

Can’t wait for the PC to arrive now! (and to spend days dealing with Windows updates haha)