Installing Cubase Pro 13

Hello everyone, for the second day I’m struggling with installing Cubase 13 Pro license on Mac OS Monterey. Everything is installed, the program starts, but Cubase does not see its own instruments. There is no Halion or groove agent. What to do about it?

Hi! If there’s no HALion or Groove Agent, install HALion or Groove Agent. :innocent:

Install SDA (Steinberg Download Assistant). You’ll find what you’re looking for there.

I have everything installed, but they are not in the program.

С уважением,

  1. Open a finder window and hit command + shift + G
  2. Paste this and hit enter: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins

Can you find HALion or Groove Agent in VST3 or VST folders?
If not, please reinstall Halion and Groove Agent.

I reinstalled it many times, it didn’t help. The vst 3 folder had a red sign, I deleted the folder and reinstalled the plugins and everything worked, thanks for the help.

Glad it worked.