Installing Cubase SX3.1

Hi guys,

I’m in the final stages of installing all my plugins and VSTi’s. I’m running Cubase Pro 9, but I’d love to be able to run SX3 too, just to give my full coverage in terms of vintage plugins.

Does anyone know if the licence on my dongle will allow me to run SX3 too (or 4, 5, 6 etc)? I’m currently running 8.5 and 9 quite happily.

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George Wood

PS I have an ISO os SX3.1

I don’t think the dongle/license will be the problem in newer, it’s more the OS’s that’s the problem - as far as I know. I tried installing my Cubase SX3 on my previous Windows 7 laptop a few years back, and every topic I could search through told it was impossible :confused:
But I would really be glad if there was a way!

I hadn’t considered the OS actually, I have an old Dell laptop, it might make a good test environment?

I’ll try SX3 (maybe even VST 5.1) and see if they detect the dongle; I remember the key for 5.1 plugged into the parallel port so that will be interesting.

Thanks again for your advice!

George Wood

Install SX3 on an old laptop, then zip up the folder in Program Files, copy across to Windows 10, unzip, run.

I installed Cubase SX3 on the Laptop (old Dell Inspiron running Win 10); the installation completed successfully but Cubase couldn’t see the copy protection key.

It was worth a try I guess, I don’t feel it’s worth spending any more time on :frowning:

Thanks again for your help guys!!!

George Wood

Update the eLicenser software.

Thanks guys,

I did have a look at my eLicencer, there were 15 products (all working AFAIK) on it and I figured with my luck I’d screw something up.

I’d ask Steinberg just to be certain, but Im still waiting for a reply for a question for more than 2 weeks now (I ended up solving it).

Kind regards,

George Wood

If you’ve run the installation process for SX3 you need to download and install the latest version of the eLicenser software because as part of the SX3 installation an ancient version would have gotten installed. Installing the latest version of the eLicenser software is always recommended. It won’t harm any of the licenses on the USB eLicenser.

Thanks for that MrSoundman :slight_smile: