Installing Cubase SX3 onto Windows 10

Hi everyone

I need to convert some old .all files to the new .cpr files

I have done this a few years ago on an older version of windows (Cant remember which). I did it by installing SX3 from the Steinberg site and then importing the .all files

Anyway SX3 wont install on my windows 10 it stops at .ttf and just freezes.

I tried various compatibility modes for the installation and it was also being an ars*hole and not installing. So that’s the first issue if anybody can help with?

HOWEVER!!! I managed to install it on an older windows 7 machine though and I thought to myself there is a God but then when trying to load the project it stops loading at initialising Direct X then completely freezes also behaving like and arshole and realise there is only the devil who keeps faring in my face on this issue.

Please does anybody have any solutions at all on this because it really is an urgent matter for an album I am working on and the deadline is fast approaching :frowning:


im going through this now but i can’t find my key dongle from 2003 lol. From what i understand, you have to install sx3 on windows 7 and then install virtuall windows xp on windows 7. then it will open. But if you can help me, im also trying to find a licensed or cracked copy of sx3 so that i can do the same thing you’re doing.