Installing Cubase VST5

I am trying to install onto a laptop running 64 bit Windows 7 but get the error message that Model E has not installed.

I have also tried to install Cubase 5.1 but when I run it it says Driver ‘Nsynas32.sys’ is not installed. I have looked for this driver but cant seem to find it to install.
Any ideas?

Don’t know why you’d want to install old Cubase VST 5 on a new 64 bit system in the 1st place. I’m not even sure if you can… maybe just ‘MAYBE’ with J-Bridge you can (look that up) dunno. Even then, you’d need to contact Steinberg to transfer your license to a USB stick instead of your blue printer port (LPT) dongle…that is, if you don’t have some other kind of solution around that (?). Why not just use a machine & OS that’s already compatible with VST 5?