Installing Cuebase elements 8 trial version.

I recently downloaded Cuebase elements 8 from the Steinberg site. It said that there is no e licenser required to use it for 30 days. So I downloaded it and when I try to open it. It says no valid license found the program will quit now!?! I have an older version of Cubase AI 6. Do I need to delete it first and the e licenser? I just don’t get it at all?

What operating system are you installing CE8 on? Typically, when CE8 is installed, it loads the trial license.

I am using windows 7. I tried to reinstall CE8 and it said. The e licenser control software cannot be installed on this computer because the installed version of the operating system is too old? The minimum system requirement is Microsoft windows 7?

Your SeL was likely damaged. Here are instructions to reset it:

Close all programs. Download this file:

Double-click on the downloaded file to start the reinstallation of the eLicenser Control Center. Then reinstall CE8. If you receive an error, can you please post a screen shot of it?