Installing Cuebase sx1.0.6 Please help

I just bought a new computer windows 7 64 bit.I7 intel 950 12 gig ram I am trying to install cuebase sx1. It says its downloaded but when i try to open it I keep getting a message that says “unknown get info commamd received” and "unknown exception caught. Is sx1 compatible with windows 7 I have reinstalled it many times with the same result . can anyone help me thank you in advance

SX1 is a very old version of cubase.

It probably will install on Win 7, but you may need to try the install trouble shooter, and make it install under 32bit XP emulation.

I have not tried 1.0.x but I did try 1.5x (I think) and 2.0.x for a laugh last year on win 7 64x, you just had to install the elicenser first then disable the synchrosoft install either by telling it not to install or by copying the install disk into a folder and removing the sychrosoft folder, the rest went OK, did not use XP mode and do not think I used XP execution emulation on the installer, did not test how well it worked in the end but it did work.

I would be doubtful if this will work.

SX 1 is very old and not designed to work in Win 7.

Works OK, I even got Cubase VST 5 working, not recommending people use it but it can be made to work