Installing Dorico in 3 devices?

Dear All,

I have my personal laptop, another one from my institution and an IMac. Do anyone know if I can install it in the 3 devices?

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You can install Dorico on as many devices as you like, but you’ll need to transfer your license to the usb eLicenser and then plug that into whichever machine you’re currently using.

Great! Thank you for the info!

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Nice! Can this be done with the eLicenser Control Center app too?

As far as I know, putting the license on a physical e-licenser can only be achieved through the eLicenser control center app. This is a one-way trip only : once the license is on the usb licenser, you cannot go back to soft e-licenser (the one in your computer, that does not require the usb thing). I am not sure I understood your post correctly, Rune.