Installing Dorico Pro 4 to three Macs

I cannot find anything specifically related to this topic.
I just upgraded to Dorico 4 and I want to install it on three different Macs here at ThomaStudios. I am aware that there is a new licensing scheme for 4 Pro and I wanted to know before I go down this rabbit hole if there is anything I need to be aware of first. For the record, I will be the only one using the application at any given time, and I will never be using it simultaneously. Always only one Mac at a time.
Thanks for any advanced info.

J D Thomas

I have Dorico 4 on 3 Macs without a problem.


It should be pretty straightforward, J.D.: run Steinberg Download Assistant on each of your Macs and sign in with your Steinberg ID. Under My Product Downloads you will see Dorico Pro 4. Select this, then on the right-hand side click Install All and wait for all the progress bars to turn green. Once everything is installed, double-click the Dorico 4 icon in your Applications folder. Dorico will launch Steinberg Activation Manager and prompt you to sign in. Once you sign in, Dorico will automatically be activated.

Good to know. Thank you all who responded.