Installing Dorico Pro2

I downloaded all files for Dorico 2, but they went to my ‘download’ folder on Mac. As a result, upon opening Dorico for the first time, it cannot find the Orchestra Library or the HALion folders. I moved them out of the ‘download’ folder to my desktop; where do they belong? I have not found a Dorico folder in the ‘library’. The only thing I have found it the Dorico app icon in applications.

While I believe I will be very impressed with the program, I am not impressed with lack of documentation for installation. The lack of phone support is most disappointing. Is there any phone support to be had with Dorico? If so, that number would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, froggywill. You can find the contact details for phone support in your country by going to MySteinberg and following the links to get support. You’ll then be directed to the appropriate contact details for your country of purchase.

If you downloaded Dorico via Steinberg Download Assistant, you need to make sure you run all three downloaded installers (Dorico 2.2.20 Application Installer, Dorico Playback 1 – HALion Sonic SE, and Dorico Playback 2 – Symphonic Orchestra). Moving the installers isn’t necessary: just double-click to install them and it will put everything in the right place.

That’s usual behaviour for things you download. Those files should be installers that you need to launch, not move. You don’t need to move anything to your Desktop. Once the installers have been run, you can delete them (or archive them).

If you have a Dorico app in /Applications, then you will have run the Dorico installer: the HALion sample libraries are separate installer files, as Daniels points out.

Thanks to you both - didn’t realize I had to install the App/HAlion/Playback files. Sib used to just install everything where it needed to go.

New issue: I had entered the activation code, and Dorico opened, saying: ‘cannot find files…’ Now, when I open Dorico to see if all is installed and working, it is asking for the activation code again. When entering the code I had entered before, it says it is no longer valid.

And… I can’t find any US phone support. I was with Sib since it was first introduced in the US. I read about it in a music journal and contacted Sib to see if I could get a copy for a presentation that I was about to do - the plan was to use Encore, but I wanted the newest tech. They sent me a link to download it, and that was the beginning of my Sib work. I worked with Larry Marchese early on, and did a convention with Robyn Hodson. All that said, I’ve never had any difficulties in 20 years of Sib. Well, up until they went to subscriptions and I stopped upgrading. I’ve never had any issues installing software like this. Again - some detailed installation documentation in the package with the fob would be helpful.

Update - I did just find a US phone number. It took a lot of digging. It really could be to easier find this.

Phone support.

Edit: they’re excellent.

Thank you!