Installing Elements 7 on a Macbook. Keeps crashing on startu

Greetings all,

I have been a user of Cubase and love it. My last version was Cubase 4.
I downloaded Elements 7 and keep trying to get it to launch, but it keeps
crashing when it gets to the plug in “Melodyne”. I have removed EVERY instance
and preference of Melodyne, reinstalled Elements 7, searched everywhere for any last hint of Melodyne and it KEEPs crashing when it loads on startup and still is finding something to do with Melodyne on my system. My friend has used Cubase for years and we have spent hours hunting down and trashing ANYTHING to do with Melodyne on my Macbook Pro i7, but it still seems to keep finding something to do with Melodyne and then crashes rigfht before launching. I know that on a Mac there are 2 different “Library” and “preference” files and we have scoured every inch of my computer to delete anything to do with Melodyne and it keeps seeing that particular program as an issue.

Can anyone suggest any ideas?? Thanks in advance for any help.

Jeff at Cloud 9 Recording Studio.
San Diego, CA

Hi !

  • Could you be more specific about what exactly you trashed from Melodyne ?
  • Which version of Melodyne is this about ?
  • Did you install the very latest version of Melodyne ?
  • Are you using the latest version of Cubase Elements ?

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!! :smiley:

The version of Melodyne was 3.1.2 from 2006. (Not sure if it was an Intel version or not. Probably not.
I don’t think I ever even used it as I never needed it.I think it got copied over at one time from my older G5.) I am using a Mac Powerbook dual core i7 running OS 10.6.8 and was installing the 30 day trial of Cubase Elements 7.06 from their website. My friend has the same computer and it is running flawlessly on his. Each time I go to launch the program, it starts to launch and goes through it’s list of items that it is loading (vst’s, Halion, etc) but each time in the window “Melodyne” keeps coming up as it appears to still be seeing it somewhere and the program quits and crashes. I have seen this before and systematically removed the “offending” plug in from my “preferences” and “VST” folder and that usually solves the problem. When I do a search on the Mac, I can’t find any more traces of Melodyne, but there must be a hidden file somewhere that I am not seeing because it keeps “hanging up” on startup and the word “Melodyne” is shown as trying to be loaded. I have also re-installed Cubase Elements 7.06 after removing all that I could find and trash, but it still keeps seeing something to do with the Melodyne Plug.

Here are the items that have been located and moved to the trash:
Melodyne (folder w/ the following fxp’s in it)
m_bright octave.fxp
m_deep filter FM.fxp
m_highpass buzzer +1 oct.fxp
m_lovely lead +2 oct.fxp
m_resonant suboctave.fxp
m_squary companion high.fxp
m_squary companion.fxp
m_warm bandpass.fxp

Thank you so much for any help or ideas!! I really need to get this up and running to do a paying project for someone this week.



Sounds like the old Melodyne .vst file is still in the system-wide folder, and you were searching your user account folders. Use command-G in the finder to paste the path: (or navigate from the top level of your HD.)


Thanks Steve for the reply!

Yeah that VST folder was checked as well, Melodyne was trashed and the folder with the remaining plugs was even removed and placed on the desktop. My friend is really Mac knowledgeable and savvy and he can’t think of anything else to do or anywhere else to look. Could there be a hidden file somewhere that the “Search” feature can’t see?

Thanks again!! :smiley:


Delete the prefs and for the rest of the troubleshooting start only with factory defaults.

If Cubase is crashing upon reading a file, the file must be in your system, or the prefs are corrupt - so delete or rename them (again, if nec. :wink: )

Also rename/delete earlier versions’ Cubase prefs. A fresh Cubase install might be looking for old prefs to sync. (this changed, but I don’t know when)

As far as searching, only 3rd party tools like “EasyFind” actually look everywhere.

PM me if you feel like doing a remote screen share today. I’m bored… (CST)

Hi Steve,

Do you know if I will be able to open Cubase 7 or 7.5 files in Elements 7?
I will probably be receiving only a few tracks (if that many) and I won’t be doing any mixing.
Just sending back the original file with a couple of overdubs. Couldn’t find the answer
in the forum yet. Posted this question as well, but so far no replies.

Thanks again for all of your help!
Cheers, Jeff

Hey Jeff, I see your Q was answered. Hope you’re enjoying the warm weather. We are under 6 inches of snow. Jealous?