installing full version 7 onto machine with 6.5

Hi guys, I have 6.5, and my missus purchased me a copy of 7 upgrade from 6.5 for xmas, but the store has given her a full retail copy instead. (the side of the box says CUBASE 7 RETAIL not upgrade)

Can I still install this with my current steinberg usb key, or do i need to install the key that comes with v7? Iam out of USB slots.

So basically I just want to clarify will installing 7, install seperate to 6.5 and not over it?

will this cause any dramas?

will all my presets/ settings from 6.5 be readily available in 7 without copying and pasting folder locations?



Each product can have its’ own key but you can move licenses around different USB keys at any time using the eLicenser software (probably a good idea to test the new key anyway).

C7 will be an entirely separate installation, only presets and settings will be “borrowed” from your existing 6.5 installation.

ok this is fine, as i like to have both versions on my pc for any bugging, testing, errors or incompatabilties with vsts etc… ok so having both versions on my system is fine.

I have many registered vst instruments on my current usb e-licensor. I dont want to have to install them again on the new one.

So If I install 7, I have no problem installing 7 to my current usb e-licensor dongel with 6.5 already on it?

What do you mean good idea to test the new key? what for?

Thanks for your reply.

It’s always good to have a backup USB key in any case.

The activation code can be used on any eLicenser (or Syncrosoft) USB key however to download a license.

Personally I have a hub with up to 3 keys at any one time with licenses on each, since I am always keen to trial SB software and I don’t want to share a key with a trial license.

Plus if I lost a key I’d rather it be what I consider “relegated” software and not my main setup so you are actually better off with a new retail version.

Leave the new key unused somewhere safe, as a backup when the current falls apart - is what I would do. (Only make sure to transfer all licenses from one to the other before it really breaks down.) Just use the activation code in the box to upgrade your 6.5 license to 7.0 and you’ll be fine. Hope your wife didn’t pay for the full version, by the way…