Installing H4 and keeping H3 any tricks?

I received my upgrade and want to install Halion 4 and keep my Halion 3 setup the way it is now so that my old Cubase/Nuendo song files still load correctly with proper presets, etc. I also have Halion Sonic SE.

Are there any tricks involved in the install to make sure each program each program works correctly and can find associated samples etc.?

Since I won’t need Halion Sonic SE anymore, can I deinstall it without screwing things up?

I understand I’ll have to convert all my old H3 presets individually by hand for them to work in H4, is this correct? If so, is there a fix for this on the way anytime soon?

No disrespect intended but I am really afraid I’m opening up a can of worms here so any help from Steinberg people would be appreciated before I jump in and things get hairy.


I would not uninstall HSSE, but that’s me. Just don’t use it.

Why not? I don’t know, why do it? :wink:

Yes, thanks.

I actually ended up contacting support about this and that was their recommendation as well.