Installing Halion Sonic on an alternate disk (Mac OS X)

I see that the Halion Sonic installer only allows to select a volume where there’s a bootable operating system. I’m using Steinberg products for hobby, I’m a software engineer and my computer(s) are set up primarily for my job. Even though my laptop has got a large hard disk (640GB), it is set up with multiple partitions and Snow Leopard only has got 40GB. I could hardly install Halion Sonic in it.

But I have another available partition. I tried to cheat the installer by creating a symbolic link from /Library/Application Support/Steinberg to the available partition. Unfortunately, the installer fails (when it starts copying the audio resources) without an explanation.

I was able to perform the installation on the main partition and later move the Steinberg folder to the alternate partition, and the thing works. Unfortunately, when I tried to install the 1.5 upgrade, I experienced again the error (I had to temporarily move files back, install the upgrade and then move them again).

This is quite an annoyance… is it something that could be fixed for next version? Thanks.