Installing HSS3 and Olympus Choir

I seem to have created a bit of a mess…
I have been using Noteperformer with no problems.
When I upgraded to Dorico 3, and now 3.1 I did not download the sounds installer.
I now would like to try the Olympus Choir, so I went ahead and downloaded the Dorico Pro 3 Sounds Installer using the download assistant today (Windows 10)
I pressed open and was taken to my downloads folder and I had 4 folders downloaded:
HALion_Sonic_SE_and_Content_for_Dorico_Pro_3.3.1_Installer_win (compressed)
HALion_Sonic_SE_and_Content_for_Dorico_Pro_3.3_Installer_win (compressed)
No instructions were given. I extracted all the compressed folders and proceeded to run the setup file in the 3.3 installer folder. I had a message telling me that the path was too long. (I have had this before)
So I moved all the folders to my root C drive and ran the same setup file from there. Then I ran the other setup file in the 3.3.1 folder for good measure.
I opened Dorico 3.1 and the Olympus icon was indeed there, but when I clicked on the edit tab, like I read somewhere I should, the area was blank.
What did I do wrong, and where can I go from here?
Any help gratefully received!

Sorry to hear you’ve run into problems, David. The first thing to check is to run Steinberg Library Manager and make sure that Olympus Choir Micro is listed among the installed libraries. Assuming it is, try simply starting a new SATB project in Dorico and applying the ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template: that should load the ‘Sustain Ah’ sounds from Olympus Micro for each of the vocal lines.

Thanks Daniel, that did it.
It turns out that I was loading the HSSE SE template not the HSSE+HSO (Pro).
At least I hadn’t done anything wrong with the installation. (Didn’t even know there was a Library Manager…)

Sounds are very nice, a great improvement. I really appreciate the condensing fix for the Tenor\Bass too; in fact, the whole update is amazing!