Installing Hypersonic 2 on 2 computers?

I have been running cubase 4 and hypersonic 2 since 2007 on my home imac. I’m leaving the country for 8 months in October and bought a macbook with the same spec as my imac to work on all my songs etc while i’m away.
I installed cubase 4 on the macbook with my license key, no problem. Hypersonic 2 would not install properly and after 3 hours and several re-installs i decided to read the license which seems to state that hypersonic 2 can only be installed on one computer! Surely this can not be the case?
Isn’t that the point of the license key?
Hypersonic 2 can not be operated without the license key present, so i do not understand this one copy only policy.
Please somebody tell me that this is not the case and i’m just doing something wrong or maybe i can buy another license?
If this is the case then it would seem very unfair on steinbergs behalf!
I am desperate for a solution to this problem as i leave the country in 2 weeks time.
All answers welcomed!

Hello Mark,

With one license you can only run the software at one computer. However you can install the software on more computers but run it on only once at the time. To do this you will have to get use the Steinberg Key usb-eLicenser (
Once the license is stored on the dongle then you can run the software on every computer where the dongle is plugged in.