Installing Komplete with Cubase

I’m in the process of switching from Sonar Platinum to Cubase. I’ve been using Native Instruments Komplete set of synths and instruments. Because this program is HUGE I had created a dedicated drive for it and all the VST plugins worked fine with my old setup. Cubase seems to want them all to be on C:. That won’t work for me since my C is a 256GB SSD and Komplete would swamp that. Is there a way to redirect Cubase to look for VSTs elsewhere? I haven’t been able to find it. Apologies if that’s a dumb newbie question. And if there isn’t a way, any suggestions on managing the Komplete install – are there creative ways to split it up?

Just go to Studio → VST Plug-in Manager, then click the gear icon to the bottom left of the window. This will allow you to add new VST plugin scan paths.

Yes! Thanks, all set now.

I moved from SPLAT to Cubase as well. It’s different, but I’m liking Cubase quite a bit. There is so much great information on Cubase out there.