Installing Mini Grand and Xpand vsts in Cubase Elements 10

Hi everyone, could someone please either tell me or point in the direction of how you install software instruments into Cubase Elements 10 please? I have just bought a midi keyboard (m-audio keystation61 MK3) that is sold along with download of Mini Grand, Xpand2 and Velvet piano softwares/plugins. When I go to File Browser I can’t open them from there. Do I need a Kontakt player to load them into? Any help greatly appreciated.

Now certainly it says somewhere, if these are VST instruments, or just sound libraries, or other format plugins. And also the format, and if you need a dedicated player, or not. All you have to do is read the provided information - you can easily do that yourself.

Both are VST instruments. Did you create an iLok account? you need it in order to authorize both instruments. The activation codes must be somehwere in the documents included with your keyboard.