Installing mixer only

Hi, do you know if there is a way to install only the mr816 mixer? Not the extension nor the drivers (maybe the drivers are necessary)

I am using the interface as an adat expander and I don’t need the rest of the components, just the mixer to set levels and so on.

Not sure what your issue is. Is there some reason you don’t want the extensions installed?

i dont remember if its possible to install only the mixer, but anyway you can uninstall the extension if it got installed

There is no need to uninstall it…
just switch the driver to the interface you are using.

I use a fireface UFX and use the MR816 only for additional inputs and monitoring the amp sounds. I have the extension installed all the time.

By the way the RME has at 256 samples LESS roundtrip latency than the Steinberg at 128 samples. And with Rme I can go down to 64 samples on a busy project, when the Steinberg begins to crackle at 256 samples already. SB needs to do something with their drivers…


I just like to say “Thanks” to SB /Yamaha for maintaining support for the MR816 units!

When I bought mine way back in 2008 (earlier ?) I posted here that I thought Sternberg would have to provide driver support way past the ‘end of sale’ date for hardware if they wanted to be taken seriously in the hardware arena. ( I’d been bitten before… )

They’ve done that as evidenced here.

The interface is still a great box … it’s worked well for me consistently particularly for remote recordings on an older Mac laptop using a Firewire adapter!