Installing Nuendo 3 to access some old files

On my last PC I had N3 installed for the odd older Cubase.all file that I needed to open. I thought I wouldn’t need it again but I find now that I do. The trouble is I can’t get it to install on my new PC. The old PC was Win 7, 64bit as well and apart from faster processor and loads more memory, there is little difference between them.

The message says that certain processes are interfering with the install and I should restart and try again. This I do but it doesn’t help.

Has anyone else had difficulty or knows of any tricks to get this to work?

I suspect that the installer is the actual problem. I’ve seen this with several older plug-ins, too.

… get an old laptop for cheap and use NU3 there! :wink:

My wife now has Nuendo 3 installed on her PC… She is really pleased…

Thanks for the help.