installing on multiple computers

Hello. I have a question about Cubase 8 elements installing on multiple computers (home computer and laptop) Can I install on multiple computers and if not block my license?

I bought the Steinberg USB license thing - that allows you to install on multiple machines, but you can only use one at a time. On the plus side, it carries all of your licenses for other Steinberg stuff too, if you buy any extra instruments and stuff.

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Buy the USB-eLicenser and transfer (by drag-and-drop) your Cubase Elements license (or even other licenses) to the USB-eLicenser. Read this Knowledge Base article, please.

Thanks for the answer. Delivery in my region will cost more than the device itself, such an option does not suit me. :frowning:

Are there any Cubase dealers where you are? They would probably have them for sale.

Otherwise you have a problem.

there are only 2 options

  1. buy a dongle to move between the computers (1 license, 1 dongle)
  2. buy a license for each computer (2 licenses, no dongle)


I got in touch with the suppliers in Russia (where I am), the cost of a little more than in the online store on the site. The issue resolved.

Thanks for the answers, the topic can be closed.